Our Mission

- The gift Christ has given us and the beginning to a relationship with Him. Here at ECC Kidz we strive to demonstrate grace in our lessons and classrooms. We hope that your children will come to know that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend and Savior.
- The family is an important unit in this world. Unfortunately, this world is full of broken homes and family relationships. ECC Kidz is a place where we not only want to see your family restored in Christ, but where we want to become a family to you. The church is a place where families can come together and support one another. We want to be your family!
- Children’s ministry does not have to stay within the four walls of the church. We are a ministry that believes in the importance of community. We want to reach out and meet the needs of those locally and the surrounding areas.
- Worship is time spent with God. We strive to teach your kids about worship in song, in dance, and in everyday life. Worship is fun and is a time where they can talk with God.
- We are a Bible-based ministry. We believe in teaching the truth. You can be confident in knowing all of our teaching staff invests time in developing a truth filled lesson, guided by scripture. We want to strengthen your child’s faith. We want to encourage them to find out more about who Jesus is and what the Bible says about things they are dealing with in school, with friends, and at home.
- We are rooted in hope. Hope...to see all things will be made new in the lives of those around us; Hope..... that your child will come to know Jesus and maintain a relationship with Him for the rest of their days;  Hope.... that we can partner with you as we work together to encourage your child to trust in God.